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One page checkout for Virtuemart
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One page checkout for Virtuemart

One page checkout for VirtuemartVersion3.5.0

Simplify the process checkout for your customer
Joomla! 3.x Virtuemart 2.9.8
Most Powerful One Page Checkout for Virtuemart plugin developed by Cmsmart, which can increase your sales up to 70%.


Responsive One Page Check Out for Virtuemart Plugin - No HACK, 100% AJAX, Compatiple with Virtuemart 2.9.8

All Virtuemart sites need One page checkout to make the check out process as simple as possiple while remaining the powerful function, your payment and customer information.

There are some One page Check out products on the market, but none of them is default Virtuemart plugin .

Studies have shown that one page checkout can increase conversion rates up to 70%

Highlight Feature

    • Responsive Checkout Page Styles

      We are working with responsive features on Ipad , Mobiles so One page Check Out can automatically convert to a responsive layout when it's being viewed on mobile devices


      5 COLORS AVAILABLE( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray)which are suitable with many different types of online shops- Virtuemart admin can choose options in back-end.

    • 2 Layouts Options

      A full page with 2 columns or 3 columns

    • Responsive Plugin Features

      Are you finding a responsive one page checkout plugin yet compatible the latest virtuemart version? You just come to right place. All features of the plugin now work on smart mobile devices

If One page Check out for Virtuemart is a Virtuemart plugin , then all you need to do is to install the plugin while keeping other Virtuemart files no hack, as well as to make the installation easy for any Virtuemart shopper.

  • Reduce Checkout Steps to One Page

    With One Page Checkout plug-in, your customers can see all the checkout information, they can fill or edit any step without loading the page. An order review will be auto-updated when customers change their information such as address, Shipping, Payment methods.

  • Responsive on all smart mobile devices

    Joomla Virtuemart one page checkout page plugin has now been updated successfully on Joomla 3.3.2 and Virtuemart 2.9.8, being responsive on all smart mobile devices


  • Some changes in the backend like widths of layouts are modified, changing the checkout button’s color to suitable with the style - 3 columns. Especially, joomla Virtuemart one page checkout extension version 3.5.0 is responsive on all layouts


  • In this latest version, coupon code’s working correctly. Loading zip code, country and region is faster. When a customer updates their information, all fields from “ship to” will be automatically sent to “bill to”. Using ajax to update product quantity, price, tax, shipment or payment address, etc. Creation of an account on the checkout page is easy to pay the cart on page


  • Auto-updated prices, taxes and subtotal when customers choose shipping or payment methods

    Auto-update prices, taxes and totals when choosing Shipping or Payment methods such as Paypal, Moneybooker, Sagepay, 2Checkout... no need re-load page.

  • Many Shipping and Payment methods can be integrated

    The extension supports many popular payment methods, such as: Paypal, PayZen, Moneybookers, Credit card... thus, you can be assured that extension can work perfectly in any store of any country.

  • Shipping same/different address

    If your customers want to change their information such as address, other Sections- Shipping, Payment method, they can see information form and change easily, order review will be auto-updated.

  • Ajax Login/ Checkout mode

    Click a link, a pop up will display so that your customers can login when checking out.

  • Auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for logged in customers

    If a customer already had an account or bought a product, the fields with the required data is filled in after logging in and the client doesn't have to leave the information once again.

  • Create an account when checking out

    Your customers can easily create an account in the checkout process, so they will use it at next times

  • Apply a coupon code

    The checkout page allows customers to enter their discount codes

  • Comment through checkout process

    Customers can make comments when they checkout orders

  • Admin can be able to change Layouts, templates /styles colors

    You can change layouts from 2 to 3 columns to suite with your Joomla layouts.

  • Change the check out page template /styles colors in the backend (new checkout page templates has been updated)

Additional Details

  • Support international languages as One page check out for Virtuemart just uses default Virtuemart multi languages files. You can update, edit texts in your own Virtuemart and Joomla languages files.
  • One page check out for Virtuemart supports AWO coupon system Free or Pro Support Downloadable products
  • Virtuemart One page checkout plugin can run with or without SSL (set up from Virtuemart admin panel).
  • Delivery can be made to different addresses.
  • Change the check out page template /styles colors in the backend
  • Customers can add or subtract items from their carts on the checkout page with Ajax
  • Work perfectly with popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE 9,10 and Safari (Featured)
  • Installation is easy like a normal Joomla plugin , no Virtuemart hacks.
  • Configuration is easy and flexible with simple backend management.
  • Front-end can be easily customized with HTML/CSS
  • 100% open source

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One page checkout for Virtuemart

One page checkout for Virtuemart
Most Powerful One Page Checkout for Virtuemart plugin developed by Cmsmart, which can increase your sales up to 70%.

Step1. Your Domain License

Professional Installation Service (Set up extension exactly like our demo and fix all bugs that may arise during installation)*

1 Domain

Product can be used on 1 Domain and Support is on 1 Domain.

5 Domains +$100.00

Product can be used on 5 Domains and Support is on 5 Domains.

10 Domains +$180.00

Product can be used on 10 Domains and Support is on 10 Domains.

Step2. Installation SERVICES

You save: $31.00

Earn 49 points for buying this product.

Can I translate these extensions into other languages like Spanish, Chinese …?

Yes, submit your questions at, our developers will help you locate where to update or change languages to suite your needs. Virtuemart and Joomla supports international languages, please find your languages packages for Virtuemart and Joomla.

Is this Extension compatible with Virtuemart 1.5?

No, our Virtuemart extensions are compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x and Joomla 2.5.x. We do not support Joomla 3.x.x currently.

Can I customize extensions to suite my needs?

Yes, you can modify our extensions at your discretion. However, you cannot resell or place the modified extensions (the whole) like downloads on your site.

I did checkout the order but I have not received the download link?

The download link will be automatically sent to your payment email address within 5 minutes after the payment is done. Please check your inbox/spam, open the confirmation email and there will be your download link.

How can I download the product which I’ve just bought?

Please check the Order Confirmation Email, there is a download link inside. You can also use the download code to download the extension from our website via this link. Each single purchase product has its own code, and you have to copy the right code to download your product.


How long can I download a single purchase product?

You can still download the product within 6 months (180 days) from the payment date and download up to 100 times. If the limit is over, you will have to buy the product again.

Can I download the update of new version?

Yes, within 6 months of your purchase, if we update the extension or template, we will also update the download package/ download link, so please use the download link in your confirmation email to get the latest version of the product.

How do I find if my product has been updated or a new version is released?

Visit the product details page and you can check the status of updates or version releases. Remember to check your inbox/spam to get our newsletters for updates, latest versions or new products.

I do not have a PayPal account. Do you support other payment methods?

Yes! You should know that PayPal supports all major types of Credit cards. Visit Paypal for more information, so you can still pay via Paypal with your credit card or send payments to the email address: , we will confirm your order. In other cases, send an email to, we will support you.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have refund policy here. You can contact us at special refund cases.


VERSION 3.5.0 - Updated on 24th, September 2014

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8
+ Allow customer to re-arrange 3 columns and 1 column layout
+ Adding checkout buttons with the same color as 3 columns style
+ Automatically re-calculate frame size of onepage checout to show columns
# Fix error of calculating frame's width to display onepage checkout
# Fix error of coupon code
# Fix error of loading wrong zip code, country and region
# Fix error of paypal
# Fix error of not saving customer information after logging in and changing
# Fix error of not saving shipto information exactly

VERSION 3.1.0 – Updated on 15th, September 2014

+ Support Responsive

+ Ajax updates on number of product, price, tax, shipment, payment…

+ Automatically copy filed from shipto to billto when users log into account

+ Create account and checkout in 1 step

+ Apply Coupon code in Checkout step

+ Layout can be changed differently

+ Able to change template or style colors

+ GeoIP automatically inputs customer location (must register from maxmind)

# Fix bug of shipment not showing on frontend

# Fix bug of * fields into red

# Fix error of text displaying wrong position in different browsers

# Fix bug of not loading country and region when logging

# Fix bug of automatically scaling columns

Version 3.0 - Date: 9/23/2013

+ Develop and support

- PHP 5.3+, MySql 5.2+

- Joomla! 2.5.x - VirtueMart 2.0.22+ (required !!!)

- jQuery 1.6+ (required) - jQuery UI 1.9+ (required)

- Need to create an account at the website for GeoIP2 functions

+ New options:

- Show on/off Ajax pre-loading

- Show on/off Delivery time (only for 3 cols theme)

- Show on/off empty cart button (only for 3 cols theme)

You can change these options' parameters

+ Fixed issues

- Remove GeoIP functions but add GeoIP2 functions , you can review at - Fixed "cart.php" helper.

- Added "calculationh.php" helper.

- Fixed onestepcheckout.php of this plugin.

- Fixed language texts in javascript files.

- Fixed bugs in views

+ New features:

- Added languages files for themes (en-GB.plg_system_onestepcheckout_theme.ini)

- Load languages files for shoppers fields.

- Load javascript language texts.

- Easy to installation with all in one package installer (included jQuery and Override system plugin).

- Automatically activate the plugin after installation.

- Remake new javascript to be compatible with Firefox, Chrome , IE 8,9,10.

- Minimized javascript version.

- Allow to override views of plugin {root}/templates/{current_template}/html/onestepcheckout/views/ {root}: Root directory of Joomla site. {current_template} : Current templates used by Joomla.

+ Installation Note

-After installing our plugin, you will have to go Admin Panel--> Components--> Virtuemart--> Configuration--> Template, then uncheck to use the VirtueMart jQuery and Use Fancy

Products Reviews (31)

Rating: Posted By: xavier
The support for this plugin is excellent. The CMSMART support team have been very supportive to my request and 5 star rating to their support alone!
Saturday, 06 September 2014
Rating: Posted By: Mike Filippidis
I bought and installed this extension ONE PAGE CHECKOUT from CMSMART for one of our clients. The installation was very easy. The support helped us when we needed to integrate some other payment method with no further charge. The extension works very well and it is very easy to use fot the vistitors. It's good if the support is there for you. After eight months I asked them for some customization and they offered to fix it at no charge!!!
Thursday, 10 July 2014
Rating: Posted By: imencity
Great, this product is excellent!
My customers do not have to visit several pages to buy my products but one is enough.

The integration of ajax makes things simple.
I encountered a bug but the development team has been very serious and resolved a bug version very quickly.

I recommend this product, little expensive compared to the added value of your site.

I'm french and this is perfectly intèrgre in a shop in the French language, no translation problem, just a language file. Very simple.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014
very very excellent one page checkout extension and the support of Lakabina is really super!! Fast and professional. Thanks and regards from Italy
Wednesday, 11 June 2014
Rating: Posted By: quantus
5 Stars at all. Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART. Keep up the good work. Best regards. They are helped me and solve all issues. Thanks for all
Tuesday, 03 June 2014
Rating: Posted By: Jack Schuurkes
The support by Mr. Lakabina was very excellent. He solved my problem within a day. Now the one time page checkout extension is working very well with the special delivery date and time plugin from CMSMART
I can recommend the Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART.
Keep up the good work.
Best regards from the Netherlands
Monday, 02 June 2014
Rating: Posted By: mario
5 Stars at all.
After installing a plugin in virtuemart it is normal that there are some little things to fix and to optimize. CMSMART gave me a very very good support. All issues were solved in a short time. OnePageCheckout is a must have for a user friendly checkout process. Go on like this CMSMART. Best regards from Germany
Friday, 23 May 2014
Rating: Posted By: LAUBIN
I'm using . In both case the team was in contact with me very quickly. The second issue was tough and took more time to solve but the team was really dedicated to find a solution. CMSMart is definitely a premium choice.
Thursday, 22 May 2014
Rating: Posted By: sturmmed
Your e-commerce will not be truly user friendly until you are using One Page Checkout! My clients love this extension, it makes it a truly one page checkout for customers!

Better yet is the customer service and support that you get from CMSMart! Any time I have an issue with customizing their extensions, they are more than happy to help me out! Can't say enough about this company!
Saturday, 10 May 2014
Rating: Posted By: nachtwens
I am very pleased with the good service from One Page Checkout For Virtuemart Whenever I had a problem, they assisted me within the 24 hours.
My client, requested to set the order button to the left.
But i had no idea how i had to do this, after 24 houres of trying i gave up and mailed the guys of One Page Cheackout for support.
Within the hour my problem was fixed.
I'm really pleased with the great service and the online support.
Also with the fast responding time.
I can really recommend this to everyone, not only do you have a Great script, but also a good support.
Thank you guy's, for everything !
Friendly regards,
Wednesday, 07 May 2014
Rating: Posted By: Rolf Rueegg
The are Hardcoded, so the Language setting is a Non Standard in Joomla...
Saturday, 03 May 2014
Rating: Posted By: moto2000
Ottimo componente, ottima assistenza, cliente soddisfatto.

Ho installato facilmente il componente e mi ha risolto tantissimi problemi, l'assistenza è stata molto comprensiva e mi ha risolto diversi problemi. E' andato tutto molto bene.
Tuesday, 11 March 2014
Rating: Posted By: Darshan
One Page Checkout is very easy to install, use. Had some issues but was sorted out by fast, friendly and good support
Friday, 07 March 2014
Rating: Posted By: Johnny
This is a very good One Page Checkout Solution for Virtuemart. Information is displayed in a very clear manner for the customer checking out as a guest or who is registering. Nice looking check out page for virtuemart. Fully responsive.I had some problems with the setting but the support was great. 5-stars for Fast, friendly, and helpful support.
Monday, 23 December 2013
Rating: Posted By: Jacob
This extension works quite well. It certainly improves your chances of customers checking out via your store. I had do some minor tweaks, and the support team stepped in very fast to help me out.

Good product
Wednesday, 11 December 2013
Rating: Posted By: Pat
Nice plugin with high potential - Support is great and quick. The guys know what they are doing.

The plugin is really necessary for every customer oriented site.
Tuesday, 10 December 2013
Rating: Posted By: Roland van den Oever
One page checkout does what it says. So much better than the standard checkout process. Standard checkout process of Virtuemart is too complicated and is does not look attractive better said a bit messy. This can lose you customers. One page checkout looks good, is easy to customize with css and the most important thing, easy to use! I’m 100% sure sales increase only by using this plugin.

We use this plugin on a multilingual site straight out of the box it had some problems in combination with my template but the support team is supurb. They had it running in no time. I even asked them to make some tweaks to it and they did this for free!

If you are looking for a real one page checkout for VM2, this is the thing!

I recommend it and will use it in all my VM2 shops for sure.
Tuesday, 03 December 2013
Rating: Posted By: Michele
Great product, great support!! They reply fast and fix problems! Suggested! It's useful for User who want to be fast for order...
Friday, 29 November 2013
Rating: Posted By: Vincent Chu
CMSMART have a good support team, it provide me the technical solution when I encounter the problem in my side, one page check out product is really can help my site billing smoothly!
Thursday, 28 November 2013
Rating: Posted By: xur82
Fantastic support and an excellent product!
See how great this one page checkout is on our site
Monday, 25 November 2013
Rating: Posted By: Jose Lopez
In the last months I have bought five different extensions to use in my online store and this one was the best support I have received. Quick, easy and they did exactly what I needed.

The extension works like a charm and it helps a lot to summarize in just one page all the check-out procedure. It also fixed some problems that I had with virtuemart.

In my opinion: a very good investment for my web page.
Monday, 11 November 2013
Rating: Posted By: conceptio
Ottimo prodotto! :) ed ottima assistenza! lo consiglio caldamente! Facile da installare e completo di tutte le funzionalità che si possono desiderare.
Monday, 11 November 2013
Rating: Posted By:
This is really a great product. It worked as stated with a little issue but support was great and very quick!!!! Worth every dollar!!
Tuesday, 22 October 2013
Rating: Posted By: Chinomso
This plugin does exactly what it says and counting on a powerful support, I recommend it without reservation. I am highly impressed. Thanks a lot...
Monday, 07 October 2013
Rating: Posted By: Yolanda
I am totally satisfied with the purchase of the plugin as I expect to buy more products here.
Thursday, 03 October 2013
Rating: Posted By: ancurte
The new version of the plugin one page checkout works great
is what I needed for my shop
I recommend
Wednesday, 25 September 2013
Rating: Posted By: martin
If you are considering which 'one page' solution to go for for your Virtuemart checkout, STOP HERE! - This is it!
I've had these guys install this on two of my sites with absolutely no fuss. It works brilliantly and the support is superb. You may think it's expensive but it's simply not, I noticed the increase in orders pretty much straight away, so it's worth every penny.
Monday, 23 September 2013
Rating: Posted By: shaun
I bought his as the default VM one didnt do what i needed. When installed, which was very easy, I wanted to make a few changes which the guys at cmsmart did for me quickly and free of charge. Would recommend them and the extension to anyone
Thursday, 15 August 2013
Rating: Posted By: JL
The one page extension for VM is really recommended. Had some minor installation issues but their support system was quick to fix the situation.

Customers love this new extension, they find it a lot easier and faster to check out.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013
Rating: Posted By: Eric
I bought their One Page Checkout extension for my site and encountered some problems to configure it to fit my site. The provider is very quick in responding through their ticket system as well as on Skype. I need to say that I am impressed by this Hanoi-based team and will explore more products that they have to offer in the future.

Well done guys!

Tuesday, 09 July 2013
Rating: Posted By: Emiliano Desideri
This extension is really reccomended.

Everything works perfect after a simply installation and for the little tweeks that i need there is a ticket center where the developer answer and in some case make fix for you.

Really a premium support.

After few days the conversion rate of my site is increased yet!
Friday, 05 July 2013
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